Marthijn Broeils

Managing Director

I love the challenge of creating environmentally-friendly packaging machinery that meets industry demands – without compromising output, quality, or purchase price. LinkedIn profile

Gert Ridderman

Production Manager

I believe success is defined by combining profitable business ideas with sustainable solutions and people-minded management.

I am committed to achieving all three.

Jan Ridderman

Sales Manager

Ask me something impossible, and I will bend over backwards to make it happen regardless. Always honest about feasibility, but never shy to accept a challenge. LinkedIn profile

Maarten Schaap

Operations Manager

My professional satisfaction comes out of a streamlined operations team capable of flawless performance with the latest technique, to be able to produce a turn-key delivery of a production plants that meets the customers’ expectations. LinkedIn profile

Gerwin Klomp

Head of Engineering

Imagine a bunch of engineers hunched over a partly-built packaging machine. That’s us, working together to solve a problem. It’s how we come up with the best ideas. LinkedIn profile

Jan Rigterink

Lead R&D Engineer

Sustainability is a choice, and I am proud to work for a company that actively chooses to develop environmentally-friendly packaging solutions. LinkedIn profile

Jan Henk Timmerman

R&D Fiber Technologist

For Inmaco ‘Sustainabillty’ is simply not greenwashing, it is our driving force. This inspires me and our team to create environmentally friendly packaging solutions, machines and processes. LinkedIn profile

How we enable environmentally friendly packaging

Sustainability. With that one word, we sum up why we design and manufacture environmentally friendly packaging machines. After all, if we are to preserve this beautiful world for our grandchildren, it is time to step up and end the careless pollution of oceans and lands. One way to do that is to work with plastic alternatives when producing packaging materials.

Our fascination for paper, pulp and cardboard dates back to the 1950s. Since then, we have continuously explored the opportunities that paper-based packaging solutions offer and manufactured paper packaging machines accordingly – even during the plastic revolution.
Those 70 years of experience now pay off: We provide high-quality paper packaging machinery that contributes to the achievement of global sustainability goals – at a reasonable price.


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Biodegradable plastic alternatives

First of all, to increase biodegradability, our machines work with mixes of natural fibre, or, preferably, mono-materials: feedstock that exists of solely one type of raw material. If, for instance, we can avoid the use of aluminium in cardboard composite cans, these become decomposable, or easy to recycle. Even when this is not feasible, we aim to use materials that put less strain on the environment. The use of a sealed coating instead of traditional glue is one possible solution.
Secondly, when food-grade quality is not required, we use recycled paper to produce moulded pulp products.
Thirdly, our machines deliver sturdy, long-lasting products. Depending on their purpose, they can often be reused several times, further contributing to the environment.
In short, our machinery delivers full-fledged plastic alternatives. But our contribution to sustainability comprises more than environmentally friendly packaging.

Water and energy reduction

Our machines are also highly energy-efficient. On the one hand, they require less power to operate. On the other, excess heat is recovered and recycled. This is true for both the machinery we deliver, and the machines we use to build our equipment.
Incidentally, due to these energy optimisations, we can offer our equipment at good prices, while the machines themselves contribute to a reduction in operating costs.
Our packaging machinery also recycles water: Evaporated liquid and excess water are recovered and used again at the start of the cycle. Paper is said to require a lot of energy to produce. Our machines help reduce the overall energy involved in the making of paper-based packaging solutions.

Continuous development of environmentally friendly packaging

The development of our environmentally friendly packaging machines is by no means over. What started 70 years ago continues to this day: with every design, we make improvements.
We also explore the use of new materials, such as virgin fibre from, for instance, sugar cane. After all, the more diverse our raw materials are, the less strain they put on the environment.
All in all, we continuously enable the production of environmentally friendly packaging, through smart use of feedstock and optimised machinery.

Saving the planet: trees for every packaging machine

To allow the world to benefit from our ability to create environmentally friendly packaging, we will plant a number of trees for every machine we sell, slowly growing an Inmaco Forest in the vicinity of our production site.
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